What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is an exceedingly popular yoga style and is the new trend these days. The contrast of hot yoga with the freezing temperatures outside adds a thrill to the practice like nothing else does. Today we shall give you five reasons that will surely motivate you to start practicing hot yoga today!

1. Hot Yoga Increases metabolic rate and keeps you warm:

Hot yoga increases the core body temperature because of well-designed hot and humid condition in which it is performed. This in turn increases the metabolic rate and calorie burning capacity of the body even while at rest.
Besides this very valid reason, lets be honest, would you rather prefer a jog in the chilling cold or the relaxation with a hot yoga workout at home/ studio?

2. Beat the holiday bulge:

Holiday season is inevitably upon us and for most of us this is the time of the year to indulge. This often leads to a little extra baggage that we carry into the new year. However, with regular sessions of hot yoga you can say goodbye to the excess holiday weight this year. Keep yourself in the shape you want and enter the next year with some baggage off rather than on!

3. Boost your immunity:

Regular yoga practice is proven to boost immunity and makes you less prone to cold cough and other viral ailments.
If there is one thing, we all have learned in this ongoing pandemic is that health is priceless. So, lets invest our time and effort and keep our health.

4. Get glowing skin with de tox:

Practicing yoga in a temperature of 100 degrees gives your body a much-needed detox through profuse sweating. this detoxification contributes to a glowing healthy skin.
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5. Keep away the winter blues:

We don’t know whether it is the absence of the sun shining bright or the freezing cold and white snow outside, winters are usually associated with getting depressed. However, you can easily turn that around by practicing hot yoga 2 to 3 times a week. It is backed by solid research that a sport such as this is linked with elevated mood and less bouts of sadness.

So, keep practicing and keep sweating away the negativity. If you want the best yoga mat for hot yoga practice, try our cork yoga mats. Order once and you will never want to switch to your old mat. That our guarantee!

Take care!


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