About Us

Who Are We?

Himalaya Yoga USA is a retailer of high-quality Cork Yoga Mats. Our journey in the wellness industry started almost a decade ago with our sister company, Q & A Himalayan Salt. For years Q & A Himalayan Salt has taken pride in offering only the highest quality products made from 100% pure Himalayan Salt. Time and again our customers would reach out with positive feedback and request that we expand beyond Himalayan Salt in the wellness industry. So, after extensive market research and taking any and all customer feedback into consideration, we took steps to launch a new name into the high-quality and eco-friendly yoga mat world and Himalaya Yoga USA was born.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

When launching Himalaya Yoga USA our top priorities were sustainability, eco-consciousness and quality. We take our place in the wellness sphere very seriously and wanted to offer our customers a product that not only looked good, but was of the highest quality and upheld our commitment to eco-friendly design and materials. Cork as a raw material is not only 100% natural but also biodegradable and renewable.

The production and harvesting of cork is considered sustainable as the cork tree itself does not need to be cut down to harvest the cork. The cork used in production of cork products is obtained from stripping the bark off the cork tree while the tree itself continues to thrive. Our Cork raw material is sourced from a sustainable farm in Portugal.

Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Keeping our planet healthy through use of sustainable raw materials is immensely important to us but so is the health and safety of our customers. That is why when we started developing our yoga mats, we chose cork as the raw material. In addition to being eco-friendly, cork has the added benefit of being almost 100%(96.93% to be exact) anti-bacterial. A good yoga session is good for your health, and with our natural cork yoga mats, the mat itself is beneficial for your health as well!

For the full scientific study on the antibacterial properties of cork, click here.

Quality and Durability

Cork is a naturally durable material which allow our yoga mats to last longer than synthetically made mats. The TPE base prevents the mat from slipping or bunching which in turn leads to the best user experience.

We are confident that the quality of our products and the competitiveness of our prices are unmatched by any other in the industry. It is in fact due to this adherence to quality which has helped us establish a credible name for our company in the Wellness industry in such a short time.

Where are We?

We are proud to be an American-owned and American-run company. Our warehouse is located in Conshohocken, PA from where we ship our Cork Yoga Mats all over the country.