Cork Yoga Mat Leaf

Cork Yoga Mat Leaf

Our Leaf 100% Natural Cork Yoga Mat is embellished with a large leaf design, symbolizing life, renewal and growth. Use this cork yoga mat and grow your practice, health and mindfulness.

Each mat is made with high quality Natural Cork material with an Earth friendly TPE bottom. The textured TPE bottom provides a non-slip grip for better balance and the 5mm thickness provides a comfortable cushioning for an overall enjoyable experience. The leaf design is laser printed.

  • Length 72″ (inches)
  • Width 24″ (inches)
  • Thickness 5mm (millimeters)
  • Weight 1.75 lbs
  • SKU # 29-1698

Free Yoga Mat Strap Sling Included


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Gently spray any natural cleaner after use and let it air dry by laying the cork yoga mat flat.

To increase grip, gently spray water where your hands and feet will be on the mat, which will give you extra grip.